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Touringhouse Background Information

Touringhouse Background

Owned by Ditta and Brinda Verma.

The owners of TOURINGHOUSE INC. have been operating customized in-house tours since 1975. By 1987, they were operating the fifth largest single location agency in the Ottawa area, according to the Ottawa Citizen. The company operated as a corporate, group, and incentive business until 1995.

In 1995, the company sold its Corporate section, and Touringhouse, specializing in group and incentive travel, was born.

We are professionals in the industry, who are continuously working to improve our knowledge and widen our horizons in order to serve our clients better.

Touringhouse mission

Our Mission

To fully satisfy clients and to offer a variety of unique value-added tours with a difference.

We remove obstacles, difficulties, hassles, stress, and strain from the group travel experience. Book through us for smooth, enjoyable, refined, and fascinating group travel experiences.

Experience and Expertise

Our site visits around the world have allowed us to develop resources and contacts which are the key to organizing unique tours. We offer efficient organization, well-planned itineraries, first-rate hotels, value-added features. Our Tour Escorts are personable and knowledgeable. Our staff has a combined experience of over 90 years.


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