Saalbach-Hinterglemm Ski Resort, Austria

Flight Schedule:

Date Flight From To Depart Arrive
Jan 26, 2024 AC 459 Ottawa TorontoT1 16:00 17:20
Jan 26, 2024 AC 836 TorontoT1 MunichT2 19:30 9:50+1
Feb 3, 2024 AC 837 MunichT2 TorontoT1 11:50 15:35
Feb 3, 2024 AC 464 TorontoT1 Ottawa 18:10 19:15

+1 means that the flight arrives the next day.

Cost includes:

Cost does not include:

Cost per person (all-inclusive):

Cost per person:

Based on double occupancy $4,050.00
Based on single occupancy $4,275.00
Based on triple occupancy $TBD
Four person suite with two bedrooms upon request $TBD
Payment by VISA/Mastercard (+3%) single $4,403.25
Payment by VISA/Mastercard (+3%) double $4,171.50
Payment by VISA/Mastercard (+3%) three person suite $TBD
Land only, not including airfare, reduce package cost by $1550.00
Optional all-inclusive insurance with MANULIFE covers up to $4,100.00 (rates are based on your age) prior to departure:
Up to age 59 $400.00
Age 60 - 64 $465.00
Age 65 - 69 $557.00
Age 70 - 74 $713.00
Age 75 - 79 $805.00
Age 80+ Will be quoted depending on age
Insurance costs are subject to change any time until booked

For other age groups (or different coverage), please contact Touringhouse for a quotation, or call 613-741-2942:

Expenses related to COVID 19 will not be covered if the Government of Canada issues an "Avoid All Travel" or an "Avoid All Non-Essential Travel" Advisory, advising or recommending that Canadians not travel to a specific country, region or city on their date of departure.

All-insurance coverage covers the following (insurance brochures available on request):

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